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Where do you go when a song you release becomes an anthem. Some people are scared. Some people quietly live off that one song for the rest f their life. ‘Nobody Greater’ was a worship mega smash. There was no place you could go without hearing it, For many artists, the temptation to go back in the studio and do a part two to that song would have been easy.  Vashawn Mitchell did not.  In fact, he challenged himself. That challenge  can be heard on his new album ‘Unstoppable’.

When questioned about the sound he says with a warm smile:

I’ve evolved and sounds have evolved, as well. Traveling internationally has had a profound effect on my music.  It’s a collaboration combining Christian and Gospel sounds, so that it is not only relevant, but relatable too. I never try to duplicate anything I have done before. Songs should carry a power for the time it was written for, and beyond in many cases. The sound is relative, but the message is still the same.

 VaShawn brings life and joy anywhere he goes. You can’t miss the happiness that beams from him. So when he agreed to do a live performance for us, we eagerly accepted. 

Watch and be inspired.

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