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Harnett County Sheriff’s Office investigators are examining what may have lead to the fatal confrontation of a 13 year old with deputies outside a Cameron convenience store on Tuesday.

Cpl. S. Assman and Sgt. T. Daggett were patrolling southwest Harnett County at about 2:25 a.m. Tuesday when they observed someone sitting in a ditch in front of the Super Mart convenience store,.The deputies asked the boy to show them what was in a book bag lying nearby, and they saw a 9 mm and a .22-caliber handgun inside, along with about 250 rounds of ammunition, The boy then pulled another 9 mm handgun out and shot Assman in the leg,. Both deputies then returned fire, killing the boy.

Officials have found A MySpace page for someone by the name Joe Wheeler lists Spring Lake as his address and includes comments from friends saying “R.I.P. Joe!”

The author of the page last logged on Saturday, and his comments included posts about being sad and suicidal and a message that says “death will come shortly for the next person who messes with me in the next week.”

Now it has many wondering if he intended to go to school with it… He attended Overhill High School in Harnett County.