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By Brittany Allen

Healthy Relationship Facilitator

St. Hope Foundation

According to the CDC, in 2010, 25.8 million people had diabetes with 18.8 million being diagnosed and 7 million undiagnosed. The numbers had increased by 2012 with 29.1 million having diabetes. This breakdown of numbers were as follows, 29.1 million diagnosed and 21 million undiagnosed. We can go as far as breaking these numbers down by race, age, cultural influences, etc. The big picture in these statistics is that the numbers increased, something changed and, as the numbers show, it wasn’t a positive change.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a period of time. This definition we know and most, especially those with diabetes, understand. This year for Diabetes awareness I want to focus on prevention, and substances that can help sustain healthy living for those already diagnosed with Diabetes. Having many family members with diabetes I somewhat have an understanding on the lifestyle changes that take place. These changes as we all know involve food choices. They shouldn’t stop there, a positive outlook on life is a must, and strong supportive systems are also helpful.

There are a series of complications, signs, and symptoms associated with diabetes, long-term and short-term. For some it’s very difficult dealing with these and trying to keep a positive mindset. Not everyone will understand this, which is why it is so imperative for an individual to grasp it. There are numerous studies out trying to build better advancements on diabetic treatments and promote better lifestyles for those living with this disease.

It is important to understand that better health starts with you. You must develop a positive mindset, not one focused on being a diabetic, but one that is focused on living better and doing better. Exercise more, eat healthier, and stay consistent with taking your insulin and/or getting treatments regularly.

At St. Hope Foundation we believe in a better you and improving your health from the inside out. Join us this month as we recognize Diabetes awareness and promote a holistic healthy lifestyle.

About Brittany

Brittany Allen is a 2013 graduate of the University of Houston where she received her B.S. in Health minoring in Nutrition. Currently, Brittany is a Healthy Relationship Facilitator at St. Hope Foundation and frequent contributor to OfferingHope.Org.