Armanda Itson has been grappling with the sudden death of her daughter Tamara for over a year. Tamara Itson died last year at the age of 28. An autopsy of Tamara’s body didn’t reveal an illness and the cause of death is still a mystery. For Armanda, Tamara’s death still resonates. Although she enjoys some measure of happiness and laughter, Armanda is required to continue drawing strength from her faith in order to cope.

Death is difficult enough. But it’s especially hard when parents have to bury a child. The emotional impact can be debilitating and overwhelming. And, the sense of loss can be so deep that emerging from the pain can seem insurmountable. But Armanda has found a way to both grieve for her daughter Tamara and continue living her life. On the heels of Tamara’s sudden death, Armanda launched the ‘COLOR PURPLE Foundation and Scholarship Fund.’

‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, talked with Armanda Itson about the Color Purple Scholarship, efforts to help college-bound teens achieve their dreams and a benefit concert to honor Tamara’s memory.

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