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#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY: It’s amazing how attitudes change when you make and maintain some sort of physical alteration. I really feel like that the worst and most revealing part is realizing that some people over the the years allowed a “non-traditional”, “non-mainstream” and sometimes socially unacceptable body size to stop them from seeing what was always inside. It’s an extremely revealing and humbling experience.

Truthfully…some of the most hurtful moments of my weight-loss journey have happened more recently and involved folks that seemed extremely disgusted at my physical presence 4 years ago and now seem so interested in who I am. They pause. You can see they want to approach and ask “what happen?” Some do; Most just stare. Why do we rely so much on looks to judge character? I am torn at times because I realize that even at my heaviest I also judged folks on their size…made decisions based on their looks. I guess it’s just human nature.

This journey of transformation has turned into a ongoing examination of self. It seems like I’m back in the classroom again relearning who the hypocrite inside is and how to exorcise him. #RealTalk