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As employment statistics, especially for the long-term unemployed, continue to tell a challenging story, NewsOne Now’s panel discusses the various factors making it tough for folks to return to full-time job status.

“Only ten per cent of the long-term unemployed have found full-time jobs,” reports host Roland Martin. Martin is joined by panelists Kristal Lauren High (editor of, Huey Newsome (commentator for Project 21), and Denise Rolark Barnes (publisher of the Washington Informer) to discuss corporate taxes, offshore companies, small business loans and other factors that are making it more and more difficult for the long-term unemployed to find stable employment.

Is leniency in corporate taxes the right way to bring companies back to the United States, create jobs from the small business sector, and allow more Black business a share of lucrative contracts? The panel discusses, but does not agree.

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