By Yuna Muyinda, Program Coordinator

Via: St. Hope Foundation

Breakup Violence among young adults happens more frequently than it should. It is reported that among young adults, one in every three breakup’s involve some kind of physical, verbal or emotional violence and 95 percent of hospitalized victims of domestic violence are women. US statistics show that every 15 seconds a woman is battered. Violence can range from verbal abusive arguments to as severe as death. In these cases, how can you know if your significant other is abusive?

Here are some early signs of abusiveness:

  • Always putting you down and telling you that you are not good enough.
  • Is abusive to other people and constantly getting into physical fights.
  • Constantly checking your emails, text messages, and social media accounts
  • Makes false accusations and has constant mood swings
  • Being possessive and telling you what to do/ what you are allowed to do
  • Being extremely jealous and insecure

Chances are that if your partner is violent while you are in a relationship, the break-up will result in violent behavior as well. In many cases, violence in relationships continues because they person that is being abused is unsure of how to get away. The victim usually has a sense of fear towards the individual that is abusing them. The most important thing to do is to get away and never look back. Get help from a professional who can walk you through the steps of creating a plan of escape to ensure your safety.

On October 26 “48 Hours” featured a story about a popular teen and her ex-football star boyfriend whose breakup was intense – and ended in her death. Here’s a clip of the show.

Breakup violence can be extremely severe. If you suspect any dangerous activity which may result in this, do not be afraid to asked for help.

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