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Sherri Jones Moffett is another awesome artist who is scheduled to perform at this years Unity in the Community Outdoor Musical Festival.  Here is more about her.

Check out the interview with Melissa:


Sheri Jones-Moffett BIOGRAPHY

Power & Authority—LIVE In Memphis


As a featured member of two of the most beloved Gospel ensembles of the past two decades—-Donald Lawrence’s Tri-City Singers and the duo Ted & SheriSheri Jones-Moffett carved a deep niche for herself in the hearts of Gospel music lovers long before the 2009 release of her solo debut, Renewed.  The success of that project firmly established her as one of the great power vocalists of the contemporary Gospel age, while earning a GRAMMY® nomination. 

 With her sophomore album, Power & Authority—LIVE In Memphis, Sheri confirms her status as a seasoned artist with trademark vocal inflections, distinct melodies, and life-changing messages.  The 10-song project, produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Myron Butler, serves as tribute to a musical journey of more than 20 years, while testifying to this unique moment in Sheri’s artistry.

 In a brave departure from her creative comfort zone in the studio, Sheri embraces the place where she sparkles most brightly—the LIVE stage.  While the location of the recording was an intentional nod to the rich musical heritage of her hometown, the date of the recording became an unintentional nod to the roots of her musical experience.

 “I woke up the morning of the recording and realized that day was the 14th anniversary of the passing of my very first musical mentor, O’Landa Draper,” Sheri reflects.  “I got to the church and I saw O’Landa’s fiancé, Patrina Smith, one of my background singers for this project. I fell to my knees.  She saw me and said, ‘I know what you’re going through, and he would be proud of you.’ All night I felt like I got a little extra push from someplace to get this recording done.”

 Indeed Power & Authority is filled with deeply personal touches.  Throughout the recording Sheri interacts with her audience, sharing the stories behind the songs she chose and co-wrote for the project.  One very special story was the inspiration for the first single, the brassy, upbeat “Shine.” 

 Sheri recalls, “My daughter Khady is an infectiously kind, loving kid. She had really horrible teachers in kindergarten and first grade.  The teachers were very militant.  My husband and I had to go to the school a few times and talk to the principal. I was so nervous that those things would change my child.  My husband said, ‘To the pure all things are pure. Our child knows exactly what’s happening around her, but she’s not letting it change her.’

 “During that time, Khady was constantly singing “This Little Light of Mine” from her music class.  I realized that’s the right approach.”

 To open the album, Sheri chose the classic COGIC shouting song, “Keys to The Kingdom.”  In signature Memphis style, the energetic cut is filled with powerful horn hits, gritty lead vocals, and a call-and-response vamp.

 Before the audience can catch its breath, Sheri drives the crowd with “There Is No Failure,” one of the most beloved hits from Milton Brunson’s Thompson Community Choir.  In grand style, Sheri makes the song entirely her own.  “I used to sing that song as a kid,” she shares. “It was just one of my old, favorite songs.”

 The opening piano flourishes of “Wash Me” instantly transport the audience from shouting to introspection. The anthem, written by the legendary Thomas Whitfield and first recorded by Yolanda Adams, has special significance for Sheri.  “O’Landa used to bring Yolanda to Memphis every year.  I had a chance in 2007 during the BMI Trailblazers event to pay tribute to Yolanda with that song. It fit perfectly on this project.”

 As a thank you to her fans, Sheri offers a stunning LIVE interpretation of one of the most popular songs from Renewed, the soulful “Grace of God.”  And, for the album’s closing track, Sheri chose the insightful, deceptively simple “Just Because.”

 With Power & Authority Sheri Jones-Moffett reflects on the places she’s been while boldly taking the next step in her musical journey. “I didn’t realize until I was doing my record how much of a rich history I came from,” she shares.  “With this album I wanted to take some of that and celebrate it.”

Here is Sherri’s favorite song:  SHINE  (listen to the interview for the story behind the song) :