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Join us for fun bible trivia with “How Well Do You Know Your Bible” Monday – Friday at 11:50am.  Here are this week’s questions, answers and WINNERS! 

This week it’s “5 LETTER NAMES” in the bible.

Monday 7/29/13

Q:  Who was the father of 12  sons who became founders of the 12 tribes of Israel?

A: Jacob   (Genesis 35:23-26)

Congratulations to Letisha Scott of Church of God & True Holiness in Knightdale!!!

Tuesday 7/30/13

Q:  Who was the brother of Moses and Miriam and is described as a “saint of the LORD in Psalm 106:16?

A:  Aaron (Exodus 6:20)

Congratulations to Terryca Taylor of One Love Ministries in Durham!!!

Wednesday 7/31/13

Q:  What was the five-letter name of the prostitute who harbored Israeli spies?

A: Rahab

Congratulations to Hadassah Eley from Bel Peraziam in Fayetteville!!!

Thursday 8/1/13

Q: What was the five-letter name of the shepherd boy who slew Goliath with a slingshot?

A:  David

Congratulations to Edna Cosme of Ambassador Walking by Faith Ministries in Steadman, NC!!!