It will soon be determined the innocence or guilt of George Zimmerman. For the last year, the family, friends and supporters of Trayvon Martin have awaited their day in court. Let the facts unfold!

In this first week of testimony, there has been quite a bit of controversy over Rachel Jeantel, assumed the last person that spoke with Trayvon. I was surprised by track star LoLo and her less than tasteful comment on Twitter comparing Rachel to Madea in “Madea Goes to Jail.”

I am very proud of young Rachel!  To imagine two teenagers being faced with such trauma following their day long conversations just hanging out is inconceivable on many levels. There was nothing in their day that could have prepared either of them for such tragedy.

Rachel, a woman of Haitian descent grew up speaking her native language of Creole and Spanish; English was not her first language, yet she stood forthright in defense of her late friend Trayvon Martin. No, she was not what society would deem as a properly behaved witness, but isn’t this an example of further discriminative thinking evident as the trial unfolds.

Watching Rachel reminded of James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

In my opinion, it is sad that in a world that has advanced in so many areas related to diversity, we would have to come face to face with discriminating hate filled incidents reminiscent of days gone by. To think that we have to think twice before putting on a hoodie is not only disgusting, but a present day reminder of the work that still remains before ALL people can enjoy the freedoms we should be entitled to without question.


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