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Believe it or not, Suicide is a huge health issue affecting men across the world. One million people commit suicide around the world every year and the majority of them are men.

Reasons for suicide are often complex. Many experts agree that two of the most common reasons for suicide is Depression and schizophrenia. Depression alone afflicts roughly one out of every six people in the USA.

Signs of someone considering suicide vary but include, but are not limited to, performing poorly at work or school, acting recklessly, engaging in risky activities, showing violent behavior, and seeking access to firearms, pills, or other means of harming oneself.

Here are a few things you can do If you notice signs of someone contemplating suicide: asking questions, get emergency help if needed and offer support.

Remember that you’re not responsible for preventing someone from taking his or her own life but your intervention may help the person see that other options are available to stay safe and get treatment.

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