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By Esih Efuru

I’ve always marveled at nature, at how grass grows in abundance, how flowers bloom without incident and how the elements command the universe. I’m even more amazed at how God’s creatures navigate the earth, never concerned about fate or famine, seemingly sure that they are worth being cared for. I’m reminded of a hymn I heard while growing up that declares:  “I sing because I’m happy; I sing because I’m free. God’s eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.”

When considering life and all of the things that one encounters in a day, I am inclined to believe the lyricist, for God does indeed watch our every move. Though it is difficult for humans to carelessly wander through life without a shred of worry, it is our best position, for God knows our needs even before we ask. God, the creator, is forever connected to you through love, and engagement with him fosters intimacy.

Intimacy with God gives you the basic instincts to move you past fear, shame or grief. It is where you can rest in the safety of God through all of your life’s shifts and challenges, thereby activating the “sparrow’s instinct.” Jesus Christ himself implores us to seek God’s kingdom first, and then assures us that everything else we need will follow.

There are times when I look in my young daughter’s eyes and see the spirit of the sparrow, where she knows that her loving mommy will take care of her needs. She has known me long and well enough to trust that instinct.  We must become like children and sparrows, where we believe that God will provide and work things out for our good. While it seems impossible to rise to that level of trust, the rewards are endless, for God will never take anything from you without replacing it with something more beneficial.

Take a moment during your day to watch a child run happily about, or to observe a bird flutter through the tree branches. That is the posture that we must embrace as “abundant life chasers”, where we trust the God that knows all about us to take care of us. Letting God handle the big matters also leaves us free to enjoy life and explore happiness.

The wonderful thing about the free spirit of a child or the instinct of a sparrow is that the intimacy built in their relationship to the care giver sustains them as life passes from day to day. God is bonded to you and cares about your well-being and success. The next time a need or crisis arises, assess your situation, look to the sky, take a deep breath, and trust your instinct. You already know that God has what it takes to get you through.

Esih Efuru, a 43 year old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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