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We have to remind ourselves and our children that we may not live in a mansion, but we thank God for having a roof over our heads, especially when the US Dept. of Education reports that an all-time high of over 1 million American students is now homeless.

As parents, we must be the gatekeepers of keeping perspective and cultivating true gratitude in our children and families.  If we don’t teach them to appreciate their blessings at home, they will never be able to engage as good citizens and faithful witnesses in society, at large.  And they will never be able to acknowledge the old adage, “but for the grace of God,  there go I… or that could have been me.”

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So, how did things turn out that morning, you ask?  I admit it.  I went all preacher on them and said, “I want Gratitude, Not Attitude. Say it with me!”  They murmured a reply, “Gratitude, not attitude.”  One more time!”  I commanded.  “Gratitude, not attitude!”  The second time, they repeated it with a little more gusto.

As I looked back in the rear view window, I could see the beginnings of smiles coming on to their faces.  Either they got it or they just thought, “Oh no, mom is on a roll!”

Either way, it was very a good start!   And I am GRATEFUL for that!

Rev. Frances Cudjoe Waters is an Associate Pastor at Hamilton Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas.  She is a writer, blogger, preacher, teacher, wife, mother, media watcher and woman on a mission. Her goal is to help others to find their passion and God-given purpose using Romans 12:2 as the guiding scripture for her ministry, “Be Transformed by the renewing of your minds…” Rev. Frances is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Law School and resides happily. Dallas, TX with her wonderful husband of 16 years and their three amazing sons.


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