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Monday 1/14/13

Q:  In Luke 21:27 and also in Mark 13:26, we can find almost identical wording regarding Jesus’ return. In these texts, Jesus is referred to as “the Son of man,”  whereas elsewhere in scripture He is called “the Son of God.”  According to Like and Mark, Jesus will return in clouds with what two things?

A:  power and great glory

Tuesday 1/15/13

Q:  What did God inform Noah that He would put into “the cloud,” as proof of His covenant with man and all the creatures that populate the earth, as well as the earth itself, according to Genesis 9:11-17?

A: Rainbow

Wednesday 1/16/13

Q:  In Revelation 14:14, John saw a vision of someone that he described as the Son of man sitting on a white cloud and wearing a golden crown.  What did John see Him holding in his hand?

A:  A sharp sickle with which to reap the earth

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