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GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney found himself in the cross-hairs of President Obama’s campaign team after a conference call on Monday.

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The call, held by the Obama For America (OFA), featuring retired Army General Wesley Clark, OFA’s National Press Secretary Ben LaBolt and OFA’s National Families and Military Vote Director Rob Diamond. Gen. Clark, incensed at Gov. Romney’s failure to mention troops in Afghanistan during his RNC speech, was especially pointed in his criticism.

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“It’s more than an omission,” Clark said. “It reveals a severe lack of understanding about the job as President; it doesn’t reflect well on what kind of leadership he would bring in,” said Gen. Clark of Romney. “Frankly it’s just unbecoming of someone who wants to become Commander-in- Chief because our troops, veterans and military families deserve leaders.”

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Clark continued his jabs with, “They are not an item on a ‘laundry list’; they are a priority for the President of the United States.”

This was a direct reference to a Fox News interview where Romney vaguely tried to clean up his gaffe while on the big stage. All weekend, Romney has tap danced around the issue and claims his heart is with America’s military. The Obama campaign isn’t convinced in the least.

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NewsOne asked the participants of the call how well they think the Romney camp will prepare themselves for the October 22 debate on foreign policy between the presidential candidates. Ben LaBolt did not spare any feelings in his response.

“He hasn’t outlined a coherent foreign policy yet beyond tough talk and chest thumping, and statements which make clear that he would return to a unilateral first foreign policy,” he said. “But I certainly think Americans will be asking for clearer plans from him [when the debate happens].”

Romney has proven himself to be quite green on the subject of foreign affairs. His recent international trip overseas where he was suppose to put his foreign policy acumen on display was a complete disaster.

When he was in London, he famously suggested that the city was not prepared to keep locals secure during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

And, the Israel leg of the trip, he insulted the Palestinians by noticing a  “dramatically stark difference in economic vitality” between Israel and “the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority,” and he concluded, “Culture makes all the difference.”

Indeed, Mr. Romney: Culture makes all of the difference. And it is clear that you have very little of it.


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