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By Tanya Wilson

Does anyone remember home economics class? I learned to sew in high school home economics class. Even though I had never sewn before, it seemed that I picked it up quickly or so I thought. The first project was to sew a long flannel nightgown with a 6 piece pattern. Simple enough! There were a lot of instructions to the pattern and our instructor consistently stressed the importance of all of the fabric notches cut against the pattern, matching up exactly.

As I set out to conquer my first sewing project, I started feeling myself and decided that I was just going to do things my way. I sewed and I sewed and finally the day of grading was upon us. Proudly I presented my project believing that it was worth at least the grade of A. Not so, I failed miserably! On the outside it looked like a nightgown, however all the pieces did not match exactly notch to notch the way the pattern was planned and the way we had been instructed day after day.

I learned a lesson in that class and from that day forward I made certain that all the pieces of a pattern came together correctly so that the finished product would fit just right.

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