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With the Olympic Games making even the most basic  accommodations in London scarce and extremely expensive, one cab driver has figured out quite an unorthodox way of filling the void: renting out the back seat of his taxi.

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ABC News reports that David Weekes (pictured) has converted what ordinarily would be a tight and uncomfortable experience into low budget, convenient resting place. For 78 bucks, you can spend one night in Weekes’ hotel-on-wheels that is parked behind his apartment. There is no bathroom in the vehicle, of course. But if you knock on Weekes’ door, he’ll let you in to use his restroom.

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London taxi drivers are not allowed to use the special Olympic driving lanes, making Weekes job of getting fairs from tourists difficult. Many of his fellow drivers have been protesting in front of the British parliament over their exclusion from the special lanes.

But, instead of picketing for nothing, Weekes is selling the back of his cab to anyone willing to sleep in this most unorthodox style of overnight accommodations. Indeed, his idea is unusual. But at least the brotha is making money.

Watch CNN’s report on Weeke’s creative style of making money during the Olympic Games.

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