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Robert L. Mason was born and raised in Cary , NC . He graduated from Cary Sr. High and went on to attend Shaw University and Apex Theological Seminary.

Though reared in a Christian family Robert strayed away from the church and landed on the streets, entangled in a life of drugs. After years of addiction, he decided to turn his life around. While en route to a rehabilitation center, he passed by a church and was drawn inside. While there, he found the true change he had been looking for and with the guidance of a minister, gave his life to Christ.

Soon he returned to the church and began to serve. Due to his hard-working nature, the promotions came quickly, and unfortunately, as a result, Robert fell back into a life of drugs. Once he was restored this time, he was determined there would be no turning back. While he battled the temptations from the outside and the church hurt from the inside, his tests were becoming his testimony and the reason why today his ministry is designed to rebuild and restore hurting souls. A transparent preacher, Pastor Mason admits, “I am not afraid to say that I failed even after I came into the Kingdom.” Pastor Mason has worked hard to reach out to those who have struggled with addictions and who are in need of deliverance.

Pastor Mason attributes his success in ministry to some key men of God who played a huge role in his life. Prior to giving birth to GLWC, pastor Mason served in the role of assistant pastor in Durham, then later as an interim pastor in Raleigh.

In April 2008, Pastor Mason gave birth to Greater Love Worship Center where the Motto is “serving in love with a spirit of excellence”.

Pastor Robert L. Mason is a man who is on fire for God. He is a man who is hungry and thirsting after God, a man who, as Colossians admonishes us, sets his sights on things above and not on the things of this earth. A teacher and a student, a preacher yet a learner, a father yet a son, humorous, good-natured, caring and intelligent, and most of all, a man after God’s own heart……

He is a member of a local community choir for which he also serves as the spiritual advisor.

GLWC members admire that their pastor and comment that he puts the ministry before himself, has always been there for them whenever they call on him, & that their lives and families are better since coming to GLWC. Pastor Mason has a heart for youth and for the hurting. Often using illustrations in the pulpit, Pastor Mason preaches and teaches the gospel so that it is easily understood.

One of his favorite sayings is, “We love you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

For this reason we nominate the founder of Greater Love Worship Center, Pastor Robert L. Mason.