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Last night Elev8  live tweeted  during the Mary Mary reality Tv show on WeTv and enjoyed yet another great lesson from Erica and Tina.

Mary Mary’s reality TV show this week was titled “Future Shock” was a shock. Everyone’s future was in a state of change.  Warryn tried to manage getting their first single mastered. The threat of Sony not liking the song and possibly killing the album loomed like a cloud over the episode.  Mitch in the meantime, wants a new stylist for the ladies. It is once again Goo Goo versus Mitch which always seems to get ugly.  Teddy, Tina’s husband, performs at the Whisky-A Go-Go while facing the fact that his daughter might want to move in with him and away from Chicago. Tina handles her step-daughter like a trooper and embraces that if it is truly a legitimate want then so be it, but if it was her trying to buck rules it was out.  In the end, Sony embraced the single “Go Get It”, a new stylist is being hired and Erica went into labor.

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This week’s lesson was on confidence with judgment. The ladies were facing a possible trial that could change their lives. Their career at Sony could end. Erica’s baby could be in trouble and Tina could have an extra child in the house.  Each one of these issues were faced with grace and thought and reflection. Erica faced the fact that she may have pushed herself too hard and the consequences of that. Tina embraced her motherhood and the knowledge that she could do anything. Together they recorded a single that they could be proud of knowing they did their best.

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