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Will Smith is still going on with life and enjoying every bit of it, despite the rumors about a crumbling marriage. He told Access Hollywood that he’s totally unfazed by the rumors that have been floating around, saying he doesn’t take things like that to heart.“It’s just a part of the game. I’m not going to play that part, but I can understand where somebody would have something in their heart where they have to stab at somebody, they have to poke at somebody, but I’m indestructible. You gonna hurt yourself stabbing at me,” he said.

His wife, Jada, recently shared the same idea, but admitted being celebrities is a difficult job that keeps the family apart at times. “Before we had the kids, we were already far away from each other quite often because of separate projects,” she told the French magazine Gala. In the meantime, the couple is thriving, and working hard in Hollywood. Will’s latest movie, “Men in Black” is set to premiere on May 16.