MacBook Pros are running out of stock again and that usually means that Apple’s cooking up a new model that should be hitting shelves soon. The most popular rumors thus far claim the new laptops will run Intel’s top of the line Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors and will ditch the hard drive in favor of a solid-state drive. If they do in fact see the light of day, these two should have these machines computing almost instantaneously.

Also expect a radical overhaul, as Apple will likely remove the FireWire and Ethernet ports (in favor of more Thunderbolt and USB ports) and the optical drive. Their absence will probably affect only your grandparents who still rip CDs and get connected to the web with a wire, because all of this technology has been more or less antique for a couple years now. And lastly, more on the long shot end, there have been talks about turning the entire surface of the MacBook into a multi-touch trackpad. This could potentially be very nifty and help begin transitioning the iPad experience to the laptops.

It’s also been a solid two years since the iPod Touch saw changes, and though it was widely thought that Apple was all but done with their iPad Mini, there are now indications that they may be seeing some transformations of their own. The device itself is pretty much perfect as it is, the only thing I can think of that would benefit it would be to do the standard beefing up of its guts to keep up with the latest version of iOS and all the power zapping apps that would come with it. But we probably won’t be hearing concrete on this end of the spectrum until the summer or the fall.


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