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Pastor Gregory orchestrated the renovation of a storefront seven years ago, on 671 Manchester, where Teach All Nations Ministries began. Pastor purchased eight acres of property, with the support of a small, faithful tithing congregation. And under his auspices the initial investment of $500,000 has increased to over $1 million dollars (current value of church and property).

Pastor Gregory serves as a model to emulate, as he leads us in what we are called to do as the Body of CHRIST. He will not ask any member to do something he is unwilling to do himself. Pastor has established the following community outreach programs: Angel Food, Outreach Ministry, Prison Ministry, and Nursing Home visits. Pastor often oversees the function of each program until a leader is appointed. In addition to his many pastoral duties Pastor holds a full time job, was a full time student (graduating with honors), builds computers, conducts finance and audio-visual training, and is a marriage counselor.

Last year the LORD gave Pastor the vision to build three crosses on church grounds for Easter. On Good Friday, members had the opportunity to carry a cross up the hill, just as Jesus did on Cavalry. Pastor and Elect Lady (his wife) were the first to take that journey.

A husband and father of five children, Pastor Gregory truly has the heart of a servant. He loves completely and forgives totally. Pastor Gregory exemplifies our church motto: “Teaching every race to run the only race that matters.”