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Donald Trump said during a call-in interview on Fox’s “On the Air” that he is considering a third party candidacy for president in 2012, and he believes his “great relationship with African American voters” would help him contend against President Obama.

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“I think I would get the Hispanic vote, frankly. I think — and people smile when I say it — I think I would do great with the African-American vote. I think I would do great with that,” Trump said. “Now, I am not going to beat him with that. But I would get a large number of African Americans — I really believe that,” Trump tells Van Susteren.

Trump told Van Susteren that he believes a third party candidate could beat out a Republican candidate and make Barack Obama a one-term president. In fact, he doesn’t think a GOP candidate could win at all, probably because no debate moderator is able to help get them high enough ratings.



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