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A native of Pinetops, NC and a veteran of the U.S. Army, Bishop Smith began his voyage in ministry as a life to preaching of the efficacious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. An Apostle, Pastor and Bishop to churches across the nation, his words of wisdom, gift of knowledge, and spirit of understanding has been a great inspiration to many.

Over the years have traveled up and down the east and west coast selflessly giving of his time, finances and God given ministry. He came in contact with men and women who soon began to recognize him as their ” Spiritual Father”. Everything that God has given him; he then took the time to impart into others. His passion has been kingdom building, with this passion strong efforts have been used to build up the churches within the kingdom of God. Often times revered for his “Apostolic Anointing” and other times misunderstood. Bishop Smith has always demonstrated the dunamis power of God. His belief in the power of miracles, signs, and wonders, has caused him to vigorously perform the greater workers of the Father.

Bishop Smith has continuously spoken of his heartfelt desire to build kingdom. Having been a pastor at many churches in different organizations, the time had come for him to began to let destiny be fulfilled. Obedient to the Apostolic call upon his life, he birthed out many sons and daughters in the gospel across the country.

Bishop Smith loves the youth and just helping people he would give his last to anyone so he should be the pastor of the year and many years to come.