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The President of The United States, Barack Obama fly into Raleigh NC today to discuss the highly debated American Jobs Act. The people of the community turned out by the masses for the opportunity to hear the President speak. There was laughter and plenty of support as President Obama pointed out the significant highlights of the proposed new act. Check out some of the photos and video from this special moment below.

The President stated ““I came to talk about how America can get back to a place where we’re creating good, middle-class jobs again,” he said at Reynolds Coliseum. “Jobs that pay well. Jobs that offer some security. Jobs that are available for all the young people who are going to be graduating from NC State. I know that’s what the students are thinking about.” Obama outlined his jobs proposal, a package of tax credits, tax cuts and infrastructure improvements that would, he said, create jobs and “provide tax relief for every worker and every small business owner in America.” If passed, Obama said the bill would affect 170,000 small business owners in North Carolina.