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Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has revealed how he is working on a project for HBO, which is set to be directed Jungle Fever star Spike Lee. He also revealed how his wife Lakiha Spicer is also set to be involved in the project.

Mike also suggested that the show is set to be along the lines of previous shows The Wire and Entourage. Tyson took to his official Twitter page to explain, “Im working on a project w/ my wife, HBO & Doug Ellin. Its going to be like Entourage meets The Wire. Spike Lee is directing the 1st episode.”

Mike Tyson renewed his wedding vows to his wife Lakiha Spicer earlier this year, despite the fact the couple have only been married for two years. Earlier this week, Tyson revealed how he had given up trying to convince the doubters that he was a changed man.