This man and woman of God have a compassion for the city of Sanford and are working towards winning the entire city for Christ; they are committed to “Changing Lives and Building Communities”. Bishop Charles and Pastor Patti are a power team in which they teach the uncompromising Word of God to people of all races, creeds, ages and religious background.

They have a heart for the youth which not only encompasses the church but the community as well; with two afterschool programs, Positive Direction for Youth (PDY) and Positive Academics for Youth (PAY). These programs are designed to implement positivity, creativity and unleash the energy that is in our youth today to become more confident with themselves in their daily lives.

Not only are these pastors concerned with the youth but they are also dedicated to married couples, singles, seniors and the military. With the incorporation of ministries such as KidZone which reaches out to those children from ages 4-11, YGB (Young Gifted and Blessed) strategically designed for pre-teens and teens, LYFE (Living Your Faith Everyday) which helps the young singles develop an even closer relationship with God and the Seasoned Saints which edifies those who are 55 and older; just to name a few. They are also committed to honoring our Armed Forces in the congregation as well as the surrounding area.

Bishop Mellette and his wife lead by example, by living an exemplary life like God has designed for us all to live. They are passionate about what they have been assigned by God to do and they work hard to ensure that they take on the assignment with excellence and integrity.

We are instructed to “give honor where honor is due” and although this nomination is for “Pastor of the Month”, they are truly “Pastors of this Century”!