Black History Month Giphy


Last year, you won a best-supporting-actress Oscar for your role in Precious. Where is it?

The Oscar is in what’s considered to be a butler’s pantry. It’s a small hallway that has a counter in it. It’s across the hall from the kitchen and the bathroom.

It’s not in plain view?

You would have to look for it. You couldn’t just walk in my house and see it, I would have to show you where it is. It’s not hiding but you’d have to be looking for it.

Is that not wanting to look at it every day and not wanting to become complacent?

You can’t look at it every day, because you’ll look at it collecting dust. You’re appreciative of the trophy, and you know keep it movin’.

Everybody wants to know how the Oscar changed my life. My life was amazing before they called my name on that stage that night, and my life is still amazing since they called my name on that stage that night.

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