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SXSW will  have a chance for you to speak your mind on how you feel about lyrical content. “Youth Can lead” is giving you that chance.

The “Youth Can Lead” movement that began last month will continue to try and motivate teens to rebel against explicit rap music played on the radio at this Saturday’s “Real Talk Teen Conference” in Missouri City.

Movements to correct offensive material is becoming more and more commonplace as the envelope gets pushed. A few weeks back there was a protest to remove advertisers from MTV.

Read an earlier article we  wrote on protests  by Morality In Media: Morality In Media Lobbies Courts Saying “Skins” Show Is A Depiction of Child Pornography

Pastor Craig D. Hayes organized the effort in partnership with his CrossingPoint Christian Church and Hightower High School in Fort Bend ISD (where he also sits on the board of their campus-based leadership team.) Part of the event will include performances from positive hip hop artists and a panel discussion about the variety of messages contained in rap lyrics.

“Not all elements of hip hop are bad,” Hayes said. “But with our conference we want give students and parents a deeper perspective on the music that’s such a large part of their lives.”

The “Youth Can Lead” movement’s current focus is to gather as many  signatures to present to the FCC.  They want them to know that “Youth of America do have a moral though and do not want to be insulted with the brash content on radio. Our women and men deserve better than to think life is an ongoing pornography movie back tracked by abusive music”.

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