In a rare interview, Benny Hinn, tells ABC’s Dan Harris that he’s wanted to answer his critics for 20 years.  Hinn answers the proof of his healings and why people bring thousands of dollars to his ministry.  Hinn says that he doesn’t have medical verification of the healings and said some people who claimed they were healed on stage at the events were actually not.  He said, “These are things that I cannot explain because I am not the healer. I’m human like you.”

When asked the question on whether he’s taking advantage of devoutly religious and vulnerable people for his own enrichment, Hinn said, “You cannot fool all the people all the time. I think if I was fooling the people, over 35 years of it now I would’ve been caught already fooling them.”

He was then asked if he had any qualms about how he felt about the comfortable lifestyle he leads – including a private jet, fancy hotel stays and nice clothes – he immediately responded, “No.” “Look, you know there’s this idea supposedly that we preachers are supposed to walk about with sandals and ride bicycles. That’s nonsense,” he said, noting that the private plane is “a necessity, not a luxury.”

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