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Following a rash of deaths linked to faulty cribs over the past three and a half years the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted Wednesday to ban drop-side cribs and tighten safety standards for other kinds of cribs.

Drop-side cribs have been popular, parents like them because sliding down one side of the crib makes it easy to pick up a baby. This style crib has been involved in a series of recalls prompted by infant deaths. Earlier this year many crib companies decided to phase out production of this style.

The five-member commission voted unanimously in favor of the new standards. Commissioner Anne Northrup did raise concerns that used cribs would be subject to the new standards which could make them illegal to resell once the standards become in effect.

Under the new standards full-size cribs would have to undergo more rigorous testing, have stronger construction and be equipped with stronger mattress supports to prevent malfunctions that have led to infants suffocating. Smaller cribs would also have to meet more rigorous tests to ensure they don’t break or come apart.