Muslim Teen Converts To Christianity Then Flees From Family


Via: Elev8.com

From CBN News

ORLANDO, Fla. – Rifqa Bary, the Ohio runaway who converted from Islam to Christianity, has been ordered back to Ohio by a Florida judge.

However, new concerns about her missing immigration papers could keep Bary in Florida a little longer.

Dramatic Day in Court

Tuesday was dramatic day in the case of the teenage runaway. Orlando judge Daniel Dawson agreed with an Ohio judge that Bary should be sent back to Ohio almost immediately. But then it was discovered that her immigration papers still had not been sent by her parents. That brought into question whether she was actually in the U.S. legally. Her attorney argued that if she is here illegally, that could put her in imminent danger of being sent back to her home country of Sri Lanka.

“The reason that Rifqa left is, because her parents threatened to send her back to Sri Lanka and this is the issue that nobody wants to talk about but apostate killing is a very real thing,” John Stemberger, Bary’s attorney told the court.