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Mr. T has become the latest original star of “The A-Team” to criticize the new film, claiming it is ”too graphic” and not family-friendly.

“They offered me a cameo role but I turned it down because I knew what was coming,” Mr. T stated, according to WENN. “People die in the film and there’s plenty of sex but when we did it no one got hurt and it was all played for fun and family entertainment. These seem to be elements nobody is interested in any more.

“It was too graphic for me. I’ve no doubt it will do big business at the box office but it’s nothing like the show we turned out every week.”

The actor’s mohawked role of BA Baracus is played in the new film by Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

Actor Dirk Benedict has previously spoken out about feeling “insulted” at being handed “three second” cameo in the film – only because producers wanted to say they had used the original cast.

Dirk – whose role of Templeton “Faceman” Peck has been taken on by Bradley Cooper – said: “If you blink, you’ll miss me. I kind of regret doing it because it’s a non-part. They wanted to be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, the original cast are in it’, but we’re not. I’m on for a mere three seconds and I find that kind of insulting.”

All I can say is if Mr. T thinks the movie is too gory maybe we should all raise our eyebrows and consider his warning before viewing another violent Hollywood flick.