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Since 1956, May has been recognized as National Bike Month, with the third week in May designated Bike to Work Week and the third Friday of May Bike to Work Day.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, “The bicycle is the vehicle of the future. It has a competitive edge in urban transit: it’s efficient, it’s economical, it’s healthy, it’s ecological, and it’s fashionable and fun!” The league reports that substituting short auto trips with bicycle trips prevents 3.6 pounds of pollutants per mile from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This year, as in years past (like in 2009), Alliance staff in Washington, DC and Oakland, California, rode to work in bike convoys from their cities’ designated pit-stops. The Education Team lead the charge, with all eight of their teammembers (on two coasts) saddling up for the commute to work.