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Kraft foods is bringing back a throwback that’s going to certainly resonate with those who remember the good old days. In an attempt to freshen up it’s Jell-O brand guess who’s partnering up one more time? Jell-O and it’s favorite pal Bill Cosby are teaming up again to make commercial sparks fly.

The last time this duo was in action was a decade back in 1999. Now it’s being stated that this time Cosby will be behind the lens in a directing fashion but hopefully he will flatter his audience by being a visual part of the production as well. In return, Jell-O will sponsor Cosby’s new weekly Web series called OBKB. On the show he interviews children in the style of the classic show Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Cosby will help kick off a 22-city tour next month in Los Angeles to find the country’s best giggle, which will be featured in a television ad. He’ll also do radio interviews to promote the tour, said Cindy Chen, director of Jell-O for Kraft. Jell-O’s multimillion-dollar campaign is its biggest ever. It’s also updating its logo with a smiling, new face that will appear on print, online and in TV ads that show people disrupting everyday activities such as work with cups of Jell-O.


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