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Today we live in an era were one’s marriage may be hit with the pressures of infidelity, betrayal and in the worse case scenario things could end in divorce. I new book may soon be able to provide a little direction in this department. “So He Cheated, Now What?” is a guide to overcoming an affair in your marriage or relationship. “So He Cheated, Now What?” provides action steps to restoring a broken marriage.

Nicole might be a great source for such turmoil in a one time solid relationship. Her story sounds like a sad but familiar setting. Five days after their third child was born, Nicole Cleveland found out her husband had an affair and was leaving the family.

Cleveland shares her personal story of raw emotions, tears she cried from not understanding, loneliness she felt because there was no family around and even embarrassment. The author Nicole Cleveland says, “This book is to help couples rebuild love and trust. It’s a process to restoring a marriage, but well worth the effort.”

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