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God Can and Will | Faith Walking

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Listen, we’ve heard all the faith scriptures without faith it is impossible to please God. I want you to know that faith in God is everything. But I do know that this is true, doubt and fear is faith in the wrong direction. It’s believing what won’t happen. It’s not believing that God can. It’s having a maybe in your spirit. It’s having reservations. It’s pushing back. And I want you to be full of faith. I’ve had so many faith moments in my life that had nothing to do with my talent, ability, or gift. It was God opening a door because I laid my heart on the line and said God use me for your glory and I just want to encourage someone who’s struggling in their faith to just hang in there to just hold on, to no trust and understand that God does all things well and in perfect timing that he’ll never leave you nor forsake you, that there is purpose in your pain, purpose in the valley.  

I don’t care how long you’ve been there learning how to hold on no matter what’s going on, praising him in all times at all times I’m telling you, God is moved by your faith and not your fear. And I know that your fear is well, is real. The Bible wouldn’t address it if he didn’t know that it would be a real thing. Listen, even Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross. Or I understand. When you feel a little hesitancy. But you got to push yourself to trust. God trust the God who loves you. Trust the God who sent his son to die. Trust the God that wakes you up in the morning. Trust the God that will keep you that will hold you that will provide for you. I promise you he will. But you’ve got to believe. I want you to believe big today. All right?  

That is my faith. Walk. Ladies and gentlemen, love you. And I mean it. God can. And he will. I want you to say that out loud to yourself. Especially when the enemies are talking rebuke the enemy and tell him go bet my God can. And I believe that he will. That’s for you this morning.  





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