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Don’t Take The Old Into The New | Faith Walking

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Listen, unfortunately, I moved a lot growing up, you know, financially challenged and a bunch of kids. It was, you know, apartments and living with people and all that. And every time we moved there had to be an adjustment because there would be something that could not go to the next space and so we had to make the make the decision of what could go, what couldn’t go. We couldn’t afford storage. So sometimes the items were just left in the apartment and you know if you leave stuff in the apartment, that means you don’t get your deposit. So just a bunch of complexities that come along with moving it, has it?  


It changed me in a lot of ways as it relates to moving forward and letting things go, I don’t really have a problem with moving forward and letting them go because I had so much practice and doing it. But sometimes you’re moving to emotional places and you need to learn to let things go, partially because those things can’t fit in the next place. Those things don’t serve you in the next place. They have no reason, no rhyme or reason to be with you. So learning to let go can be healthy. Some people hold on far too long now, maybe I learned these lessons in an unhealthy way, but I thank God for these lessons. Learning how to let go, because if I held on to everything from every situation. In every relationship and and every heartbreak and heart have every heartache and even every victory. I’d have too many things allow. I know how to allow a moment to be a moment and then move to the next one. 



I’m not one who goes around talking about what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished, but also don’t go around talking about everything that I’ve been through and every problem. Because I’ve learned how to let go, I let that moment be fully that moment, enjoy it, or embrace it when. Weather it is laughter or tears be in that moment, but then move on. It’s like trying to take a big old couch into this new, smaller apartment and it don’t fit. And you keep trying to figure out how to get it in through the front door, through the window it if it don’t fit it, don’t fit, and sometimes God is trying to take you somewhere new and what you’re trying to take does not fit. It’s a mindset that doesn’t fit. It’s a way of existing that doesn’t fit. Get ready for what is next. If you’re moving to something new, then ask God to prepare you mentally and physically and spiritually for what is new, even emotionally prepare you for what is next and what is new. I want all of what God has for me, and I don’t want to be in the new place talking about the old place. I don’t want to be in the new place, missing the beauty of the new place. Talking about the old place. It would be terrible to be in a new relationship talking about the old relationship. 


It don’t make no sense to be at the new church and you keep telling them about the old church. Learn to let go of what you need to let go of and walk into the new. It is OK. It doesn’t mean you’re disrespecting, doesn’t mean you’re forgetting, you know, sometimes you feel like you have to do certain things to honor them and honor people. And if it’s you have moved to the new move to the new. It is OK. They’ll be OK. You walk into your newness, alright?  

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