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Faithfully Speaking: Mental Health and The Church


As we wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month, Melissa Wade chats with Dr. Tonya Farmer Armstrong, licensed psychologist and the owner/CEO of the Armstrong Center For Hope. The two discuss how Christians should better address mental health in the church.

Considering the stigma of addressing such a topic in a faith-based setting, we question how to address those challenges.

“Well, you know, I think there are layers of a response to that question,” Dr. Armstrong said. “One of the layers has to do with who we are as human beings. We are God’s creatures. And one of the things that I’ve noticed about us is that we tend to want to hold ourselves up in a certain light and sometimes diminish the things that are challenging or the things that are wrong, or the things that we struggle with our weaknesses.”

Dr. Armstrong breaks down how we, as Christians, can move past the stigma of mental health in order to find healing. This is a conversation you do not want to miss!

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