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Fresh off last month’s release of his new album titled My Truth, GRAMMY-winning gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds is reveling in the upward incline that his burgeoning career has been going on as of late.

The 33-year-old crooner made some time out of his busy touring schedule to come check Darlene McCoy here at The Nightly Spirit, and you already know we had to get down to that “feud” he’s got going on with social media funnyman Kevin Fredericks, known to the masses by his social handle @KevOnStage.

It looks like things aren’t letting up any time soon!


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You can’t help but love the friendly competition between these two, especially when they add a dash on comedy into the mix. The Make Room vocalist also spoke on the possibility of making some room in his own life for a second, telling Darlene that he might be ready to hang it up when it comes to the single life. “I tell everybody ‘The Cheesecake Factory’ theory,” he says with intrigue, elaborating on his point by adding, “When you go to the Cheesecake Factory, the menu’s too long; it takes you a long time to figure out what you want. It’s too many options!” He went on to explain that as a single guy who can move around and live as he sees fit, after a while it becomes less fun not having one option to come home to. “I almost want to see how I do with one ‘page’ out of The Cheesecake Factory ‘menu,’” he coyly summed up his point by stating.

Ladies, start whipping up your best dishes, desserts and delicacies!

Watch the full interview with Jonathan McReynolds below on “The Nightly Spirit” with Darlene McCoy:



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