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Award-winning international speaker and best-selling author,  “Madam Money,” Tarra Jackson returns to the Get Up Church to give us “3 Steps to Cure Financial Dis-ease“. You’ve seen her on Fox News, CNBC, and several other networks. She’s here with us today with the steps to cure what ails you financially.









Step 1

The first one is the dollar diagnosis. Yes, you need the diagnosis severity of your current financial situation, by writing down all of the debts that you owe, including your monthly payments, the balances, and the interest rates that you’re paying for each debt. Now, this information is important because you can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge and we can’t heal what we don’t diagnose.


Step 2

Financially operate. The quickest way to get a handle on your financial disease is to stop using credit cards, lines of credit, or getting new loans if possible. With everything going on right now. It is more expensive. And everything costs more due to increase in credit interest rates. So delay alone with high ticket purchases, like homes or cars, if at all possible, unless it’s going to help you pay things down quicker and faster.


Step 3

Step number three is a long-term method. That is your money medication. Yes, an ongoing money maintenance strategy to treat those financial diseases is very important. One example is the debt snowball effect, while you’re paying down your debt, focus on your smallest debt first, pay that off, and then use the money towards the next debt that’s going to help you to build some momentum and feel that financial wellness quicker, so you can keep going. So it may take a while, but it is the best thing to do. It’s worth it. And you’ll experience a healthy financial life.


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