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Singer Rick Dorn stopped by the Get Up Church to talk about his brand new single, entitled “It’s Done.”

Dorn talks about the inspiration for the song which started with a lack of sleep, saying “So I wrote it from not being able to sleep. And like, Lord, why am I worrying about things, but I placed this in your hand. And I began to pray one night and take authority over my mind my spirit and said, God, you are Jehovah Shalom, the God of peace, and I’m claiming my victory. I’m standing on the promises. In the name of Jesus. It’s done. I know I had the victory. So that’s where the song came out of.”

Listen to the track below:

Dorn talks to Erica and GRIFF about his music studio in LA, his music in a Netflix film, and gives a message to the listeners.







ERICA CAMPBELL: Listen, thank you for being with us. You are a graduate of Los Angeles Film and recording school. You own your own business. Tell us a little bit about “Phat Tracks of LA Recording Studio.

RICK DORN: Oh, it’s a business that I own. I was recording a lot of vocals and vocalists and doing a lot of different things at my studio. So it blessed me to finally do my own thing and music. And, you know, I began to do my own adventures and recording. I’m still doing worship at church. Blessing.

ERICA CAMPBELL: You also have a song that was featured in an original Netflix film “Holiday Rush,” which starred Lala Anthony and Deon Cole. How’d you learn that movie soundtrack?

DORN: You know, I submitted a song to a company call Taxi Music, and God gave me a favor. It’s amazing when they call me I really didn’t believe that. It was the Netflix. I thought it was a friend of mine planning a trick on me and so they we can we want to talk to you about this song in the movie. I said sure, sure. And I wouldn’t take it serious. And they ended up emailing me the documents and figures and I said Lord Jesus.

ERICA: Well very nice. Go ahead., GRIFF

GRIFF: Was just gonna ask you Rick you’re gonna be dropping an album in the future, homie?

DORN: Yes sir. I’m dropping it down by the end of the year can’t wait, can’t wait for you guys to hear.

ERICA: Wow, super awesome. How can the people follow you on social media?

DORN: Follow me at @RickDornMusic on all social media platform. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. @RickDornMusic.

ERICA: All right, there it is there. We’re talking to Rick Dorn. His new single is “It’s Done” and it’s available now on all digital outlets. What message would you like to leave with us today?

DORN: Put your faith in the Lord and cast your cares upon Him. For He cares upon you. In the name of Jesus, your victory. Your any doubts that you have, It’s done in the name of Jesus. God has your back.




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