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Hephzibah police harass black man

Source: ThisIsButter / Radio One Digital

Georgia police detained and cited a black man in Hephzibah, GA for singing rap music too loud while he was walking home.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, Christopher Jefferson was walking down Brothersville Road singing a rap song when police approached him on the sidewalk.

Officers then told Jefferson he was being “loud and obnoxious” and could be heard shouting “I need a bad (expletive), I need a real (expletive),” as he walked down the street.

The officers then detained Jefferson, and cited him for disorderly conduct.

Bodycam video would later be uploaded to YouTube, which shows the entire encounter.

In the video, the officers are questioning a white man at his house about the massive amount of junk in his yard. As officers talk with the man, Jefferson then can be heard singing rap lyrics as he walks by. Officers immediately approach Jefferson demanding that he “bring it down.”

Jefferson then tells the officers, he didn’t mean any disrespect but that it was a free country. Officers continue to harass Jefferson telling him they better not catch him walking down that road again.

Jefferson then asks for the cop’s name and is immediately handcuffed for his question.

Jefferson pleads with the officers that he has done nothing wrong and that he only asked for the officers to fill a report, which he is legally in his right to do.

He then spends the next 20 minutes being harassed by the officers.

Check out the bodycam footage here:

During court hearings which took place Wednesday, September 29, Jefferson declined a guilty plea deal and requested a trial by jury.

Hephzibah Police Chief Matthew Mercer and Officer Brian Tucker both testified against Jefferson and provided their version of events in court.

During their testimony, officer Tucker said when he initially heard Jefferson he believed there was a fight going on. They also said that Jefferson was screaming expletives less than 500 feet away from the residence on Brothersville Road.

After Judge Freddie Sanders heard arguments from the officers involved, he ruled there was probable cause to cite Jefferson.

Jefferson was then issued a continuance for his court date to give him time to find a proper lawyer.

The new court date is set for Oct 27.


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