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Former NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant recently joined the I AM ATHLETE podcast to talk about his life after the NFL. During the interview, he criticized Colin Kaepernick’s protest saying it lacked a true call to action.

During the interview, the podcast crew and Bryant discussed a variety of interesting topics. Bryant explained to the audience that his mom gave birth to him at 13 and sold drugs just so they could survive. He also talked about an NFL executive asking him if his mother was a prostitute during one of his draft interviews. But it was his take on Colin Kaepernick that turned the internet on its head.

Bryant, who played eight seasons in the NFL, said he respected Colin Kaepernick. He believed Kaepernick brought awareness to an issue that needed it, but that his protest didn’t have a call to action. He also said he reached out to Colin Kaepernick to talk solutions but the two never spoke.

“ I respect Colin Kaepernick, but It’s one thing that I don’t respect,” he said. “I love him to death, it ain’t no hate, but Brother you had the biggest opportunity in the world, to create jobs, build jobs, give jobs to people. Where are you at? I ain’t heard from you. I reached out to you, where are you at?”

Brandon Marshall then asks, but where’s the call to action?

Dez Bryant responds, “there wasn’t one, there wasn’t no call to action.”

Dez also called out the hypocrisy of some NFL players who tweeted support for Black Lives Matter after the NFL asked them to.

Supporters of Kaepernick took to Twitter to blast the former All-Pro.

Sports reporter Jamele Hill said Dez Bryant’s statements were uninformed and she didn’t see the point of Bryant dragging Kaepernick’s name.

In 2017 when the Kaepernick kneeling protest took on a life of its own, Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys decided to stop kneeling after week 3, partly because owner Jerry Jones demanded his players stand. But it was Bryant who told the media the team would stand during the anthem in Week 4. Kaepernick played his last NFL season in 2016-2017. His final game was on Jan 1, 2017, against the Seattle Seahawks.

Check out the entire interview here:


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