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Gayle King interviews R. Kelly

Source: CBS News screenshot / CBS News screenshot

After watching ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ you might have thought that as bad as what we had seen when the Pied Piper of more than just R & B was arrested on multiple sexual abuse charges what more could there be.  We all heard the rumors about Aaliyah so what was said in a New York courtroom wasn’t that big of a surprise.  Him picking up a woman at concerts and allegedly being minors when he did it.  Even him having herpes might have been a little new but not that big of a surprise especially with all the women Kell’s had been with.  All these allegations are about women who had ambitions of being singers/entertainers and up until this time that was the common denominator women/singers/entertainers, until this week in court.

A man that is going by Lewis for anonymity says that Robert Kelly picked him up from the infamous McDonalds that Kell’s hung out at when Lewis was only 17 years old with aspirations of being a rapper.

R. Kelly asked the then 17 year old Lewis:

“what I was willing to do for music,”… “I’ll carry your bags. … Anything you need, I’ll be willing to do.”

R. Kelly’s response was:  “That’s not it. That’s not it,”

According to Lewis, R. Kelly gave him his number then invited him to a party that he attended with his mother.  R Kelly allegedly told Lewis to next time come alone.  According to Lewis, R. Kelly performed ’12 play’ on him on several occasions and although Lewis was uncomfortable with it, he went along with it because he wanted a career in music.

Take a look at the video below.

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