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July 4, 2020, in Indiana five white men attempted to lynch a black man named Vauhxx Booker because they said he was trespassing on land that Booker didn’t know that they owned.  Vauhxx Booker survived, two of the white men were charged with felonies.  This didn’t happen down south this happened North of The Mason Dixon line.  Sounds crazy, right?  What’s crazier, is that now a court, a year later, is trying to hang charges on Vauhxx Booker.

We guess that this is someone’s attempt to say we don’t lynch people in the north, that is what systemic racism is for.

Monroe County Special Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp charged Vauhxx Booker with felony assault and misdemeanor trespassing Friday in connection with the July 4, 2020 altercation/lynching. Attorney Katharine Liell called the move “unprecedented,” and said Leerkamp has presented no new evidence regarding the case since July of last year.

“I’ve been practicing well over 30 years in this state and…I have never seen a special prosecutor open a new case and file charges a year later,” 

On July 4, 2020, Vauhxx Booker was chilling with friends taking in nature while they were walking through the woods at Lake Monroe in Indiana.  A man with a rebel flag wrapped around himself came upon the group yelling that they were trespassing.  The next thing Mr. Booker knew more attackers showed up slamming him into a tree while trying to break his arms and lynch him.  Someone was able to save him then call 911.

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