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Protesters Gather in Cleveland to Protest Shooting of Tamir Rice

Source: Angelo Merendino / Getty

How much more can one family take?  How many more fights/roadblocks can be thrown at a family?  In the case of Samaria Rice she has been fighting for justice in the death of her 12-year-old son Tamir Rice since the day police officer Timothy Loehmann took his life in Cleveland, OH in 2014.  It was devastating enough that Loehmann hasn’t been criminally punished for the death of Tamir Rice, but to add insult to injury the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Associations has given the green light for Loehmann to be reinstated to the police force.  But Samaria Rice is fighting to not let it go down like that.

On Monday, Subodh Chandra and the Chandra Law Firm LLC filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of Samaria Rice, hoping to stop the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Associations’ (CPPA’s) recent effort to reinstate former officer Timothy Loehmann.   Samaria Rice in a statement had this to say:

“Timothy Loehmann can’t be trusted. I hope that the Supreme Court does not give him a chance to get back his job…The fact that the Cleveland police union is still trying to get him his job despite him killing my child and lying on his application to become a police officer shows you just how immoral that organization’s leadership is.”

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