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Carson Carson

Source: Carson Carson / Carson Carson

Lifestyle Influencer Carson Carson empowers women to follow their dreams and tackle mental roadblocks via her coaching business A Carson Enterprises. The Creative Director, plus-size model, and life coach uses her platforms to inspire all women live in their fullest potential.

While part of her personal brand involves fashion because she’s a model, a huge focus is inspiring women through her healthy, body positive approach to life. “Body positivity is about being healthy. I condone eating right, having a workout regimen, and listening to your body. I’m for those things. I’m not for condoning an unhealthy lifestyle. You have to be alive in order to love the skin you’re in,” she told HelloBeautiful.

Carson Carson

Source: Carson Carson / Carson Carson

Lizzo and Danielle Brooks made statements about their approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes the world confuses a plus-sized woman’s desire to be healthy with a desire to be skinny. Most people don’t realize you can be big and healthy. Not all people who are considered skinny are healthy. A person’s internal makeup isn’t solely dependent on their size. Carson Carson agrees. “I love my curves. I’m not trying to be a size 2, 6, or 8. I love being a plus size model, but I also love being healthy. I’m not trying to be skinny, I’m trying to be healthy,” she exclaimed.

Implementing a healthier lifestyle is can be rooted in self-love. The mindset that allows you to prioritize you body’s health means that you genuinely care about how you treat your body. When Carson coaches women, she encourages them to hone into their self-love journey. “It’s important for you to love the skin you’re in because nobody is going to love it and embrace it until you do,” she concluded.



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