“How Well Do You Know Your Bible?”

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    “How Well Do You Know Your Bible”… weekdays at 11:47 with Melissa Wade.

    Here’s this weeks questions & answers:

    Monday 4/23/12
    1 Corinthians:  The thirteenth chapter in this book is often known as what?

    The important chapter
    The joyous chapter
    The love chapter
    The Godly chapter

    Tuesday 4/24/12
    John:  After the resurrection, Jesus appreared to the disciples while they were fishing in the sea of Galilee.  They’s fished all night and had caught nothing.  In the morning, Jesus told them to cast on the right side of the boat.  They did, and they caught a huge amount of fish.  How many fish did they catch?


    Wednesday 4/25/12
    Galatians:  In the New International Version, which of the following lists can be found in the letter to the Galatians?

    The Beatitudes
    The Gifts of the Spirit
    The Fruit of the Spirit
    The Ten Commandments

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